Roofing Quote – The process of getting a quote for a new roof

If it’s time for you to get a new roof, you may be wondering how the process of getting a new roof works.  Who do you call?  What Questions should you ask?  There are many questions you may have.  The purpose of this article is the answer those questions for you.

Choosing the Right Roofing Companies to Call

If you just pick up the phone and call random companies, you may end up with a bad contractor.  There are better ways to increase your chances of finding a great roofing company.  Start by asking your friends and family if they have anyone they would recommend.  If they recommend someone, ask them if you can take a look at the project, check to ensure the work is quality, ask them how the timeline was, did they finish on-time, did they do a proper cleanup when the job was complete or did they leave nails and debris everywhere, and of course how was the pricing.  You will want to rinse and repeat this process with other family members and friends and start a list of these companies.  Once you’ve compiled your list, your going to want to go online and check reviews on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Angies List etc.  Keep track in your list who has good reviews and who has bad reviews.  Once you have a solid list of 3 or 4 companies, you should give them all a call to setup a time/date for a written estimate.  Make sure to schedule them at separate times so they are not at your property at the same time.  These Contractors will have a list of questions for you to answer and you should have some questions for them as well.  Below I will outline that list.

Questions to ask the Roofing Contractor

You should write down and prepare your list of questions before the contractor arrives.  Ask questions about how long his company has been in business, are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.  The ideal situation is to find a contractor who is working for his own company, not working at someone else’s company.  Ask questions about the installation crew and how experienced they are.  The installation team is typically who will be doing all of the actual work.  One thing you want to make sure you stear clear of, is a knowledgeable contractor but an un-skilled installation team.  When choosing a contractor make sure they are experienced in the type of roof you want installed, whether it be clay tiles, shingles, wood shakes, metal roofing etc.

Find out how soon the contractor would be able to start the project and how long they anticipate the project taking.  When dealing with scheduling you need to be considerate of the weather, sometimes the weather will prolong projects but safety should be a top priority, as some conditions are dangerous for ladder and roof work.  If they need to completely tear off your old roof prior to installing the new one, ask them how they protect the roof from rain while the tear off is happening.

Find out about the Insurance they have, they should have proper workers compensation and liability insurance, as well as be a state licensed and bonded company.

Next you will want to find out about payment terms, do they require a deposit and if so what percentage?  Does the quote total cover everything including the cleanup and disposal of waste?  What is the warranty for the labor and materials?  Sometimes they keep these warranties separate so make sure you get the warranty for both.  Try and get the answer to these questions in writing on the quote so you have proof, if they ever decide to back out on the terms.

Questions the Contractors May Ask

The Contractor will want to know what kind of roof you would like to get installed and if you have a particular product in mind already.  If you haven’t picked anything out yet, a good contractor will have product samples they can show you, so you can get an idea of what’s available.  All options will be priced differently so keep that in mind.  A lot of times you can ask for Good/Better/Best options so you can get a feel for the pricing, each come with different warranties and life expectancies.  Most roofing materials have different grades and prices to choose from.

The roofer will want to know how soon you would like to get the job done, a great answer for this is “Once I get a couple more estimates and choose the best company”.  A lot of times they will also ask for your budget but that is something you should not tell them.  A good thing to say is “I don’t have a specific budget in mind but I’m looking to get a competitive price, that is why I’m getting multiple bids”.

The Estimate

If the estimate is on-site, the contractor may or may not need to get on the roof to do a quick inspection.  Depending on the layout of the roof he may just ask for the blueprints so he knows the dimensions.  A lot of trained roofers can estimate the job from the ground.  It takes a trained eye but is something that a lot of tenured contractors can do.  Once he’s completed his inspection he will go ahead and present the estimate.

Choose the Best Roofing Company

Once all the companies have submitted you the estimates, look at the cost, the professionalism of the contractor and the answers that they gave you to the questions you had.  If one contractor has a higher price but you feel the most comfortable with him, ask him if he can match the price.  A lot of times the contractor will lower their bid but sometimes they won’t because they have a superior product and team that will be doing the work.  Have a quality installation done is important to the longevity of the roof, so it is worth it to pay more to ensure the job is done properly, it will end up saving you money in the long run.  Getting a new roof is one of the biggest expenses you will incur as a homeowner so take your time and follow the guide above to ensure you choose the right contractor.

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