Why are Flat Roofs common on commercial buildings?

The main reason is because Flat roofs are the most economical choice of industrial roof types. Also, infrastructure may be added on top of the roof. Solar panels or other green architecture may be added on top of the roof, and pieces of equipment that would otherwise take up wanted space may be placed on top of the roof. A lot of times companies in Sacramento, California will put the Air conditioning unit on the roof; these are called roof top units and are typically able to cool the whole commercial building. Sometimes they also install generators, electrical access boxes, telephone boxes, any number of utility items are placed on flat commercials roofs to avoid taking space in the building.

Low-slope roofs must be very water tight; so many pitched roof treatments that are acceptable due to the relatively high slope would be prone to leaking in a low-slope roof. Things like overlapping shingles are not acceptable on a low-slope roof, because the lower water draining capabilities would lead to more leaking.
Tar covered with gravel is a common surface for flat roofs. This is not advantageous to public access because the tar can be sticky, and the gravel is meant to protect the tar. When the gravel is moved, the tar may become exposed and may lead to leaking. The gravel is meant to protect the tar from UV rays, so it could possibly increase the risk of cancer and eye disorders. Flat roofs tend to be sensitive to human traffic. Anything which produces a crack or puncture in the waterproofing membrane can quite readily lead to leaks

The mass of weight on top of the roof must be considered, as too much vegetation may add excessive stress to the roof framing. You have to consider how the greenhouse will function, and how it may affect your building and the surrounding environment. The overall design style of the building should also be taken into consideration when adding a green roof, as well as the type of plants you wish to add, and the maintenance that will be required.

The soil barrier between the roofing and the sun allows for extra UV ray protection. Also, the plants and soil act as a thermal buffer for the building, trapping heat from entering the building during the day, and releasing heat during the colder night time. The green roofs may also be considered to be have a greater aesthetic appeal. Green roofs also filter out pollutant like carbon dioxide to make clean oxygen.
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