Residential roofing is by far our most skilled trade. Out of all the services we offer this is the one that we have the most experience in.

Installing roofs on homes was the first thing we started doing when we opened this business years ago. So you homeowners are going to get the absolute highest quality work done around. We have literally worked on hundreds if not thousands of homes of all different shapes and sizes. We have done everything from a small 1000 square-foot asphalt shingle roof, all the way to a half-million dollar slate tile roof on a 30,000 square-foot mansion.

A couple reasons why it is important to get a new roof installed.

First off getting a new roof done on your home can be scary because of the upfront cost. But that brings us to our first reason as to why you should move forward with this investment.

It will boost the value of your home.

This is something that is very true. In fact, we have seen custom roofs add up to triple what the customer paid for them into the total dollar amount of the home. This happens because the roof is a direct attachment to the property itself. If the project being done is something that is a part of the building, then it will be the most profitable. Think of it like this, a roof is something that the house needs.  And isn’t it obvious that if the house needs it, it’s going to affect it’s worth in the most positive way? The answer is yes.

You will save money in the long run

This is another reason why updating your roof to a modern design is a great investment.  Roofs these days, especially ours, are designed to be very energy-efficient. What we mean by this is with ours being very well insulated and very heat reflective. We can keep the heat trapped in in the winter time and the cold trapped in in the summertime. This will cause your electricity bill to go down hundreds of dollars a year.

Re Shingling and Repair

On top of installing a brand-new roof, we also specialize in repairs and re shingling. Sometimes all a roof needs is a couple tiles or shingles replaced. Maintenance is something you want to keep up on annually because if there’s a single piece missing from your roof, when it rains no moisture has a way to get trapped into the baseboards. You do not want that to happen because if it does, then you have to start from scratch and replace the whole thing. Often times the foundation of the roof is in really great shape, so all it needs is to get re-shingled or tiled. This is a short and simple process where all we do is strip off the old material and lay the new right on top of the base. This is something we can do fairly quickly making the service a very affordable alternative to getting a brand-new roof installed. This is something that we are experts in as well, so the work that is done will be very pristine. We are also not going to be the type of contractor who comes out, sees a couple tiles or shingles missing, and then lies to you saying that you need a whole new roof. If you’re on this page it’s most likely that you are in the situation of needing repairs. To us we think you’d be crazy not to pick up that phone right away and give us a call! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and Dial us to get your roof repaired today! 916-385-0352

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