We are proud to say that we are the number one roofing company in Roseville CA. We have been building roofs in Roseville for over two decades now, serving the amazing people of this town.  We offer all the same services that we have and all the other cities we working. We believe that having a quality built roof is essential to the life of your home. If you are looking for an honest roofing service that is going to give you the best customer service around then you should give us a call. Our number is 916-694-0628

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Here at Roofing of Sacramento we have the best roofing service in all of Roseville. We offer all the different types of roofing services you can imagine. We have metal roofing, tile roofing, roof repair, residential roofing, commercial roofing, and many other comprehensive services. We have accumulated much knowledge and experience over the years that we have been in business and have learned how to put up a roof effectively and efficiently. We believe that we are the most knowledgeable and experienced company in the whole bay area and you should choose us because you will not get higher quality anywhere else.


There are many different types of roofs that you can have installed on your house, but we noticed that one of the best and longest lasting roofs is one that is metal.  On the downside, this material is much more expensive than your typical shingle asphalt roof because of the fact that it takes a lot of metal to put one on the house. On the upside though, this type of roof can last at least five times longer than that of your traditional. Even though it may cost twice as much, it is actually going to save you so much more money in the long run. These roofs are also very efficient because they’re good at keeping heat in during the winter time and keeping it out in the summertime. Another great thing about a metal roof is that it is easy to clean them because everything just slides off and they are very damage resistant. This is the type of roof you definitely want to get if you are in a state that has a lot of hail because often times you can damage your traditional asphalt shingle roof. These roofs are also very aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. All of your friends and family will love the look of your new and improved home if you get a roof that’s made out of this material.


In addition to all the other roofs you can get installed on your home, we think that one made of tile is a better option than most. We say this because of a few things. Tile roofs look better, they are longer-lasting, and they are much more efficient than your traditional type of roof. A tile roof is the type that is really going to make your home stand out. If you’re the type of person that really wants a beautiful looking home, this is the perfect roof for you because it brings sort of a Mediterranean style to it. Plus tile roofs just make your house look more swanky than usual which everybody loves. The next point is tile roofs last longer. Since they are made of a heavy porcelain material they are indeed made to perform much longer than your traditional type of shingle.  They are able to do this because Stone does a much better job of holding up to the elements then your regular shingle. The material is great because it’ll withstand any type of natural disaster weather it be heavy rain, snow, ice, or even hail but especially sunlight. Sunlight is something that can destroy a lot of materials fast because the UV rays love to break things down.

In addition to how durable these roofs are, they are very energy-efficient too. Originally made in Mexico, a tile roof is designed to block out heat from the sun. That means for the summertime  your house will stay much cooler than it would if you had a traditional roof. We have actually had many of our customers telling us that there electricity bills have gone down as much as 50% in the summertime because of using much less air-conditioning. So as a type of material that is very durable and makes it easy for you to save money, we would definitely recommend a tile roof any day. So in that case you should give us a call at 916-694-0628 so that we can give you a free estimate soon.


One big problem that a lot of homeowners run into as opposed to getting a new roof installed IS having to get their current one repaired. We know that often times natural disasters can occur leaving moderate to heavy damage to your roof. Whether it be a heavy wind that knocks off a couple shingles to a tree falling on your house. We can handle any service that you throw at us. With all the years that we have been in business, we have seen just about every type of repair that you could possibly imagine. This type of service is something that is especially needed if you are a commercial building. Often times large buildings end up having to have a lot of repairs because of the sheer size of the roof. Most of the time we will get customers that have metal roofs with many cracks in them from switching from winter to summer. This is because of the compression of the metal going from cold to hot to cold again which makes it brittle. We do get many residential repairs as well. Most of the time it’s because a couple shingles fell off or maybe the roof is leaking. Like we said earlier though, it really doesn’t matter what the type of repairs are. This is a service that we have a lot of expertise in so the only thing you have to do is call us and we’ll be out to your location as soon as possible to fix the problem.