Here at Roofing of Sacramento we have a variety of different services. Everything from the roof repair all the way to commercial roof installation.

We are your go to company for all your roofing needs. Rest at ease knowing that you’re dealing with the company that stands completely behind everything they do. We provide an industry leading level of quality that no others in the business can match. When we are done with putting a brand-new roof on your home, you are going to be astounded with how beautiful it looks. You’re also going to be very happy with all the money you’ll save in the long run. We put a good deal of insulation in our roofs, making them extremely energy-efficient. You will save hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bill that you otherwise would’ve spent with your old roof. Getting one installed is quite an investment, but in the grand scheme of things we are sure that you will be more than satisfied. Down below is a list of the services that we offer and if you click on the word it’ll take you to that distinct services page. If there is something you are looking to get done with your roof that is not listed below, chances are that we currently offer it. But if that’s the case then you can give us a call at 916-385-0352

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​I had a roof that was in dire need to be fixed. It was leaking all over the house and there was mold and mildew building up, the whole situation was a complete mess. I tried calling many of the roofing contractors around and many of them were very booked out. So I kept calling and then finally….I had actually found a company that could take care of my problem. That company this one, Roofing of Sacramento. They were able to get their work crew out the same day to come and fix the leaks. I thought it had to be a simple patching job, but it had actually turned out that my roof had almost rotted all the way through. These guys layed some sort of protective sealer so that while they were working on the roof the house would still be liveable. I am very impressed with the work that they did and also at the fact that they did not charge me extra to come on just short notice. If roofing of Sacramento did not show up when they did who knows what would’ve happen…Our roof probably would’ve caved in that’s what! I am so thankful for this amazing company and i recommend that everybody uses them.

Kathy Breck-2015

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