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Here at roofing of Sacramento we have all the roofing services that one needs. You have your main all the way to your secondary services. The services we offer go as follows. We offer residential roofing, commercial roofing, tile roofing, roof repair, metal roofing, asphalt roofing, siding, and many other various forms of roofing. If you do not see a type of roof you need done on your house, chances are that we still probably offer that service. All you have to do is give us a call so that we can figure out what your exact need is!


There are many different amazing types of roof materials that are available for you to use on your home. But we think that one of the best materials to use is tile. We say this because tile is a  material that is very durable, looks amazing, and is very energy-efficient. Getting a tile roof is very important that is why we are going to break down the reasons why below.

Energy efficiency– our tile roofs are very energy-efficient. This type of roof is going to save you a lot of money in the long run because the fact that you’re going to use a lot less energy to heat and cool your house. Our roofs are made with a special type of tile that only few roofing companies around the nation have access to. These tiles are especially thick and insulated so that they are designed to keep the temperature the same in your house at all times. This is because the insulation stops that temperature from escaping the home. This is good for winter because the roof is going to keep the cold from penetrating the materials and getting into the home. And in the summertime, the tile roof is great for reflecting the sunlight off of the roof, keeping much of the heat out. We have had a few customers actually save quite a bit of money after they purchased one of our roofs especially in the summertime. Most of them have told us that they have saved literally hundreds of dollars over the summer due to the fact that they didn’t have to use as much air conditioning. And speaking of saving money one of these roofs is actually going to boost the value of your home tremendously. We have seen some customers homes go up in an amount that was about One and a half to twice as much as they paid for the original roof.

Durability-another great thing about our tile roofs is how durable they are. Because of the thick heavy tile, these roofs can withstand basically any type of condition. This material is great for if you live in a tropical area that has many different conditions going on on the daily basis. For instance, if you live in an area that tends to get very strong hailstorms, the strength of the tiles is really going to hold up. They are also for an area that has very strong the winter and summer climates. Since the roof is made of porcelain stone, it will be very resistant from fluctuating from hot to cold constantly. Those are just a few of the different conditions that a tile roof can withstand and there are many more. These types of roofs are meant to last a very long time, typically about 2 to 3 times longer than your traditional asphalt shingle roof.

Aesthetic appeal-if there’s one thing that this type of roof is known for, it is that you house will now look amazing with one. Tile roofs are a bit higher of an expense than your traditional roof but we believe this is worth it. We say this because we know that all your friends and family are going to be in awe of how your new home looks. We believe that it is really the missing piece to any home and will bring out it’s true beauty.  This type of roof is just so good at bringing out that Mediterranean style to your home. So if you are looking for a tile roof today, we recommend that you give us a call!


On top of all the other comprehensive services we offer here at ROS, we also offer roof repair and maintenance. More often than not, a lot of the work we do is simple repairs. Most of the time it is not the fact that you need a new roof, it is more that maybe your roof needs to be re-shingled or have a couple dents and cracks replaced. We are the perfect company for the job when it comes to roof repair because this is our number one specialty service. We have been offering maintenance services for decades now and are  the most experienced contractor in the Rancho Cordova area.

If you are a commercial building annual repairs are something that are very important to get done because they will ensure a longer-lasting roof. When you’re dealing with metal roofs like you have on an office building, the material is meant to last a lifetime. But this is only possible if you keep up on those repairs on a regular basis. Since the roof is so large and gets slammed by so many harsh environments, you’re going to have many cracks and dents that happen over the year. While this may sound terrible, it is OK because if you get to these repairs right away then it will prevent the small crack from spreading even further. We have worked on some of the biggest commercial buildings in the whole Sacramento area. So no matter how large the project, we are sure that we can handle the workload.

After reading through this page we are sure that you are now jumping at the chance to either get a new roof or at getting one repaired through us. So in that case all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial! 916-694-0628